Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pearl Jam Concert Lived up to Hype

Got back from the big Pearl Jam last ever concert at the Spectrum and it didn't disappoint. Here's the setlist(thanks to

Set List: Why Go, Last Exit, Corduroy, Severed Hand, The Fixer, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, You Are, Amongst The Waves, Even Flow, Pilate, Unthought Known, Daughter/Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (Waters), Johnny Guitar, Rats, I'm Open, I Got Shit, Glorified G, Out Of My Mind, Black, Insignificance, Life Wasted

1st encore: Just Breathe w/string quartet, The End w/string quartet, Low Light, Speed Of Sound, Jeremy w/string quartet, Inside Job, Bugs w/string quartet, Spin The Black Circle, Porch

2nd encore: Whip It (Devo), Got Some, Crown Of Thorns (Mother Love Bone), Satan's Bed, Sweet Lew, Do the Evolution, Better Man/Save It For Later (English Beat), Smile, Alive, Rockin' In The Free World (Young), Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner

I got to hear 6 of the 10 songs I wanted to hear, but none of the top 3. Still all in all, when you get to got to 3 1/2 hours of Pearl Jam playing live, it is something special. Highlights for me include the "Whip It" cover when the band dressed up as Devo, and the finishing Alive and Rockin' in the Free World combo. Also Eddie was chatty and funny, and dispelled the rumors of special guests early on. Click Here to Read More..

What I Want to Hear

Earlier in the week on day 1 of Pearl Jam's 4 night stand at the Spectrum lead singer Eddie Vedder uttered that "we're gonna try to play every song we know by 2am Sunday." That off-handed statement had the forums buzzing over at not only for the potential of an epic 5 hour concert, but also for the potential to hear some rare classics that are infrequently played.

Myself, I don't claim to be any kind of superfan. I've been to 5 PJ concerts and have a number of albums, but not every one. I loved the concert at Outside Lands because they played so many songs I know. So, I got to thinking, what are the songs I really want to hear Pearl Jam play on Halloween. PJ has repeated a few songs besides their recent Backspacer numbers, I sure hope they do repeats tonight as most of my faves have played. Here goes:

1. Breath - never heard it live, they don't play this one as much, but played it Friday.
2. Dissident - Played night 1.
3. Rearviewmirror - played on nights 1 and 3.
4. Black - always great.
5. Rats - fitting for halloween
6. Life Wasted - haven't played yet
7. Rockin' in the Free World - closed nite 1. If Neil Young is invovled this moves to #1
8. Corduroy - night 1
9. Leash- Get out of my face.
10. Alive - Great set closer

Mostly hits, I know, but pretty much that's what I want.

Leaving now for airport. Click Here to Read More..

Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend of the Year

Usually this space is reserved for commentary on horse racing. But this weekend I have the great fortune of travelling back to Philadelphia for an out of this world Pick 3 starting Saturday night at the final live performance in the history of the fabled Philadelphia Spectrum by one of my favorite bands Pearl Jam on Halloween. Sunday follows with the ultimate double-header. First is a 1pm kickoff of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. division rival New York Giants. Then Game 4 of the World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees takes place at 8:30pm.

The idea cropped up after my initial plan to possibly catch a World Series game in Anaheim was fizzling due to the Yankees grabbing a commanding 3-1 lead. When that looked dire, I started looking for plane tickets to Philly, and fortunately I found a ticket to fly the red-eye Sat night to arrive for the big Eagles/Phils double header. Now all I needed was a Phils win in game 5 of the NLCS.

The morning after the Phils clinched I went to book my flight, but the price had tripled for the red-eye. An earlier direct flight could get me to Philly Saturday afternoon, but that required additional approval from the wife. Since she is the greatest wife ever, she recognized how fired up I had gotten for this trip, so she graciously gave me the thumbs up.

The earlier arrival sparked a new idea. I had read during Bruce Springsteen's legendary performances last week at the Spectrum that it was closing this weekend, and Pearl Jam would be the final act. Having recently seen their scintillating performance at Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco in August, I could hardly imagine how great seeing them close the Spectrum would be. Well if the Friday night's show is any indication, its gonna be insane. Game 3 is going on across the street at Citizen's Bank Park, so the whole complex is gonna be rocking, not just the Spectrum.

I hope to post pictures and stories from the weekend, the weekend of the year, and possibly the greatest sports weekend of my life.

Off to Broad and Pattison.
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